pieV.com is the operating name of a business that is registered to Joseph Latouf as a sole-proprietorship in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

pieV.com is a sole proprietorship located in Windsor, Ontario Canada. The author and proprietor has enjoyed a vast array of professional experiences spanning Physics, law enforcement and teaching.

As a adolescent who was more enraptured with conceptual challenges rather than practical learning, I accepted a challenge from a high school teacher to produce a prime number generator, being lured on with the promise of $100,000 reward. A short time later I return with the prime number generator, which was subsequently proven to be correct by a professor from the University of Windsor, who also advised me that there was no such reward .

I enjoyed two summers at Chalk River Nuclear Labs when I left behind the old "punch cards" and revelled in programming in Fortran 77 (while typing directly into the compiler - WOW). Math and computers where always the most fun part of my mind's eye, and perhaps this is what motivated me to return to University to work on a Master's degree in Physics.

While working on my master's degree circumstances precipitated a change in course as I explored two divergent pathways: teaching and law enforcement. Law enforcement matured first as I entered the Ontario Provincial Police. While there I completed the requirements for my Bachelor of Education. While I loved police work I was sought after to set up the physics program at a new high school. I naively believed I would take a leave of absence from the OPP while I set up the program, and would then return to my role as a provincial constable. Sadly the OPP said I couldn't have a leave of absence after I had agreed to setup the program, and so, my day's as a police officer came to an end.

While teaching I again embraced my love for computers as I taught myself C (and enthusiastic students). From here I have leaned many programming languages and tools.

This pragmatically driven, hands on approach, has empowered me to acquired most programming languages more naturally and quickly - by doing & excelling.

There are as many reasons to love and value education as there are stars in the sky.

Allow me to define education; it is the love of learning.

Education is the only guarantor of a healthy, evolving future. It is our only true hope that the lessons of yesterday will empower a noble and stable future for the generations to follow. As it spans the generations, it is the only peaceful and stable manner by which all peoples may hope to live together with responsible freedom.

Education is the fountain of youth that unlocks the "power of now" - today, and through all of our tomorrows. The love of learning will keep the mind and heart young, even though the currents of time may challenge the limitations of the body.

Excellence can only be guaranteed through the confidence and self esteem that education must impart to all citizens in a free, just and responsible global community.