Excellence is to Perfection as the Journey to the Destination.

How does the "child within" embrace the "wise sage" that pays attention to the lessons gained through time?

Both share a love of learning and quest for experience.

The sage has the upper hand in areas of respect and depth while the child's taste for exuberance is more visible from a distance.

The child within sees each new moment and possibility as a first and is certain that there is only sunshine ahead.

The sage knows that storms must arise and understands that weathering storms is intimately tied to learning without regretting, and recognizing without blaming.

Excellence is the journey that allows the "child within" and the "wise sage" to embrace life with wisdom and youthful exhuberance - it is the fountain of youth and truly the only path worthy of life.

I believe this is the best lesson that technology has brought to our social awareness.

Software packages are never perfect (free of bugs, or so great that they never need to be improved upon), and yet, many software packages are excellent.

While I do enjoy expressing my unique creative egests with tidbits and quotes, this website is most specifically here as a pointer to my passion for creative expression with math and technology.